ok so i saw the movie the other day and well…here i am…making Once-ler fanart in 2014  (  ゚_ゝ゚)
nah but he’s actually fun to draw and it was a nice story about the dangers of capitalism 
(btw it says “buy a thneed” in case it’s not readable)
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Excuse me. How did you make that gif without the lines? WOW. I don't know which movie your gif come from but I reblogged it anyway because its awesome. It just makes me go AKDFSDIEKLJIERJFEPOU

well, I tried to explain it [here]. I’m glad you liked it… and by the way, the movie is the Lorax.


Woops hand slipped. 

doodle mcpoodle

Here, have some creeper face Once-ler.
…I’ll go back to avoiding doing things I really should be doing now…
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Hi HOW BAD-, what's your favorite movies, TVshows, Animes ?

alright… under read more becausethisisnotapersonalblog

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wow how did this happen

i was practising with a brush and thought i might as well upload it here


So much Once-Ler in my dash… Might as well contribute!
And once again, trying something new. <3

Jesus christ…

Thank you girls! We love you! ❤